Saturday, March 4, 2017

Words From The Attic... Illusions Of Time

Fuckin' out there,
but there's something about it!

Losing yourself... in time.
Complex theme yet...
very easy to do!

I've been locked away inside
that very same
"distant sun" at times...

Illusions Of Time

Long times you wait for
Never really come
Somehow they seem to fade away
Behind a sleeping sun

Like rust that forms
Upon the nail
Your wait becomes
A tattered pail
Full of empty hours
Without yourself

To find yourself
Amongst the clutter
Can get sometimes
Confusing and funny
Open one eye
To find the other closed
To find the other open

Many times predictable
Many times not
A killer's eyes
Always a dead give away
Just add it up
John says it's only solitaire
Is it clear

Flow with the words
And see what they say
You're in with them... somewhere
Like pulling people from a hat
It's magic
Your other eye never does see

Ask your shadow
He knows all your moves
He knows if your long time
Will ever come
Or if it is indeed
Locked away
Inside a distant sun

Illusions Of Time