Sunday, March 12, 2017

Words From The Attic... Home To You

Yet another ode...
to your living dream,
your baby girl!

Hectic hustle
Busy bustle...
poetic license for sure.

She's wonderful.

Home To You

Safe way out
Safe way in
Your mind held together
By a safety pin

Trying to succeed
In a three ring world
While holding on tight
To his only truth
That beauty of a woman
His special little girl

Hectic hustle
Busy bustle
Twentieth century schizoid man
Trying hard to love his life
Trying hard to understand

Enter your world
Remember your girl
She is always complete
Fussy at times
Diamonds or pearl
But always a woman
And always discreet

At the end of the day
She'll mix you a drink
As you start to sink
Within the bubbled bath
She'll take you on an endless ride
Along a lover's path

Sensuous freedom
An aura of life
Surrounds her every move
Always trying to make you right
Forever looking
For the perfect groove 

Don't stop loving her
You... will be the fool
Because she will shine forever
your... dusky living jewel

Home To You
Home To You