Sunday, March 19, 2017

Words From The Attic... Crown Me

haven't seen this one for
quite some time.
Could you imagine
loving her "this" much!

Short & sweet so yes...
it's another from boot camp.

How the fuck I was able
to reach inside myself
and at least dream...
or imagine...
of having such deep
emotions while living
within the isolating hell
which is boot camp...
I'll never know... lol

You really are...
a wondrous dream!!

Crown Me

You make my day
By just being you
A simple wink
A glance of your eye
Or even a timid hello... will do

A smile on you
Is just meant to be
It fits so right
And you wear it well
The woman you are
Comes naturally

You're soft and moist
Like a morning dew
Drops of water that trickle away
Return to you
For another day

You're a wish
You're a thought
You're a wondrous dream
You're the woman you are
Total... complete
You're an earthly delight
You are my queen

Crown Me