Sunday, March 12, 2017

Words From The Attic... Check Please

A little deep...
but it kinda sounds like
what my defunct marriage
was like.

Too weird,
since I wrote this years
before I took the plunge.

But the words
seem to flow very well.
I like it. And yeah...
I already know
that you don't... lol

Check Please

Romance inside someone
Is sometimes stronger than himself
Fighting to restrain... to show
You feel temptations
Inside you grow

Thinking of when she was right
You know... when we split
Over a boring fight

Wait until the time is rare
When all is subject
To possibility
Then she sees you
You see her
And both conform
To pure tranquility

Opposite ends of a lovesick mind
All of the sudden clash together
And what do you think we find

Mirrors of life
Reflecting visions
Of a starling flight

If you think about it
We are all just prisoners
Of a life long dream
Some of us never find it
Some of us will
The ones who don't
Are the ones
Always afraid to pay the bill

Check Please