Sunday, March 5, 2017

Words From The Attic... Always And Forever

I think this theme of me
falling in love and then dying
has been covered before.

Seems I'm so much stronger,
emotionally at least,
on paper... than I am
in real fucking life... LoL

I always know whats best
for the other person but...
much too often...
never whats best...
for me!

Always And Forever

Have you ever loved someone
The way you want
Who's soft and gentle
And never prompt

When the things you want
They go your way
No matter what the stars
Have to say

When the moves she makes
Are just meant to be
And you fall head over heels
So easily

I'm talking to you
My sweet dove
This lost little boy
Has fallen in love

I feel so strong
When you are near
My doubts on life
They just disappear

When I hold your hand
And I walk with you
The woes I have
They are all gone
And the skies are always blue

You're in my heart
And you're in my soul
But the love I have for you
Will never take it's toll

You make this boy
Feel just like a man
You're sweet and gentle
But most of all
You understand

I'll love you forever
Until I die
But when I die
Don't stop you know...
To wonder why

You must start your life
Again and again
And you must live your life
The best you can

But if you ever get scared
Or just feel alone
Just forget the letters
And leave the phone...
And walk outside

Then open your eyes
And look up so high
And you will feel my love
That lingers on
In the tear drops that fall
From the sky

I love you

Always And Forever