Sunday, April 9, 2017

Words From The Attic... Snowman Came Early

This seems to be my PSA.
Public Service Announcement
about the inner demons of holding
onto a silver spoon full of cocaine.

I like it.
Doesn't really come out and say
to stop doing it or the reasons why.
You sort of have to figure it out
for yourself and decipher
through the thoughts.

it jumped right out to you
and you knew exactly what
it was all about... LoL

I felt it both ways.
Every time I read it
I get hit with different meanings.
Fuck, I don't even know what the fuck
it is I'm reading, even when I'm
the knucklehead who wrote it!

Snowman Came Early

Oh hear this
Can you hear what I say
Am I shouting loud enough
I just came back from Beggar's Day
And they say... it's getting rough

There's someone there
I heard him say
That something's wrong within
The children laugh
And sing all day
At night they just sit
An awful sin

The walls are cracked
They're weak with sweat
The trees are bare
The water is red
The old folks say
It's a losers bet
And even the dreams of life
Are dead

It's calling
It's crawling
It's coming soon
I see the fog
Destroy the sun
Tomorrow is lost
Within the gloom
There is no time
We can not run

Destiny sings
Within the fist
No time now
To go get pissed
Rise up tall
Forget our ruin
Attack that man
Who's waving his spoon

Wasters and wasters
Will waste no more
It's time to get down hard
And slam the door

Back to school
And back to A's
And no more D's
Yes sir
No sir
Maybe my dear
Bring your brain back
From the deep freeze

Sun is back
Children sing
Beggar's Day is back
Walls are warm
Cracks are gone
We've played our hidden jack

Out of hand
It really can get
It's up to you
To keep it cool
But I knew that time
That time we met
You didn't play
Play the fool

Snowman Came Early

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