Sunday, April 9, 2017

Words From The Attic... A Mushroom You Can't Eat

I guess this was my very own...
"No Nukes" concert... lol

A Mushroom You Can't Eat

Running free across the sea
Without a rainbow
Or a word
Not even the wand I wave
Can save the world
It's so absurd

Stairways climb to heaven
Above the clouds
There is no room
You must take a number
People leaving their bodies' flesh
A frozen slab
To give their souls
Heavenly slumber

Rockets racing towards the end
But who will get there first
Buttons wait
They hide the fate
While screaming politicians
Die of thirst

Living life without a fear
Impossible dream
Senseless scheme
Leaving baby
A glowing tear

A Mushroom You Can't Eat

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