Sunday, April 30, 2017

Words From The Attic... Untitled

This has to be something I
wrote just after I left the navy
in 1984.

I remember it was a really
weird thing to come back to
the old neighborhood.

It took a bit to get readjusted.
I have no idea.
I wasn't away for very long but,
I guess long enough.

I liked every word.
Too bad I never gave it a title.


Today the plans changed
And I read many things
That had no meaning
But yet
They had meaning

Standing in front of what appears
To be a game
And me
With quarter in hand
My brain is watching out
For me

Sometimes a coffee break
Has me standing there alone
It's kinda funny
How long your quarter lasts

Coming home to american ways is so great
Until... you get there
Always looking for something different
Is anybody really satisfied
With where and why they are

Of course the answer is yes
And me
Well I'm not really too far behind
In finding where I'm at

Never count on plans
Because plans count on you

Remembered success
Is hard to find
Unspoiled happiness
Is where it's at
Help me find it
And we could forever
Touch each other's souls


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