Sunday, April 30, 2017

Words From The Attic... Focus

Lovin' this one!

Which way... do they go?


Someone I see beyond my sight
Is looking down upon my life
With eyes so blue
And dark
And deep
But when I look up to capture them
This pair of blue
They start to weep

I wonder
I try
To figure out why

Just why this pair
So bright
And real
Has sunken down
To a depth so far
Just what's the matter
What do they feel

I will call you bright eyes
Despite the flow
The tears you shed
Are they good
Or bad
Which way
Do they go

My baby blue
My shimmering light
The tears you cry
Have reached my heart
And your pair of eyes
Are now in sight

Dry them now
And dry your fear
Because there's a heart that's full
And ready to love
And that heart you see
Is very near

Baby blue
Baby blue
What did you do
Trust in yourself
Trust is the key
Trust in your feel
Just what do you see...


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