Sunday, April 30, 2017

Words From The Attic... Filling The Shoes

I must have had
Saturday Night Fever
on my mind during this one... LoL

No way am I a dancer,
so this wasn't about me.
I don't think.
But maybe deep down
I always wanted to be
one of those cool dudes
out on the floor
luring your attention.

Naahhh... LoL

Filling The Shoes

People to the left
And people to the right
Did'cha know
That they all wanna dance
They stand in here
With electric sunlight
Just waiting
For a little chance

Lights come on
And lights go off
You can hear the shuffling feet
Would'cha like to dance
My pretty little lady
You can't ignore the beat

Find your freedom
Your place in the sun
Where everyone's a star
Where Hollywood's second
And you're the one
Even though you don't own
A fancy car

Well how about you
Would'cha like to dance with me
I may not be your dream come true
Bit I can fill
Your fantasy

Filling The Shoes

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