Sunday, April 30, 2017

Words From The Attic... A Bit Bland But True

This is some good 'ole groveling!!!

we all fuck up and...
we've all needed someone...
at some point in our llives.

And if all it takes to keep you
I would most certainly swallow some pride
and okay, grovel... LoL
If you were THAT girl!!

And fuck you for laughing...
yeah you, reading this.
You know damn well you'd kiss that ass...
to keep... that ass...

A Bit Bland But True

Do you know that I can see
The way that you're looking down at me
That I've done something wrong
What could it possibly be
Because I saw it instantly
Perhaps I'll move along

I've done all I can
To prove that I am true
There's one thing
That I would never do
And that is
Lie to you

You saw me struggle in a cloud of rain
And while other's left
It was you
Who remained

How could I ever hurt someone
As beautifully taught as you
Smiling free... so naturally
I need your love
To keep my skies blue

I guess what I'm saying is that...
I really do need... you

A Bit Bland But True

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