Saturday, April 15, 2017

Words From The Attic... Stop & Go

A love story... I think?

Or just a man on the run,
forever looking for an answer that...
he may never find.

Almost reads like a movie or something.
Enjoyed it a lot.
Don't know if there's any...
inside of it,
but it reads really well.

Stop & Go

Feeling alone
In the bright summer sun
Feeling alone
I'm a man on the run

Taking my time
Just cruising around
Try to unwind
I'm feeling upside down

I am the one
In the summer sun
I am the one
The man on the run

Looking for a dream
Wrapped up in a cloud
It's got a silver lining
And it's soft and round

Been looking for you now
For quit some time
Heard many a clock
Ring a midnight chime

But then you
A cute little girl
With eyes of blue
Said hello
How do you do
And lite a fuse inside of me
I can't put out

But still I find
I'm on the run
Looking back at you
Over my shoulder
Wondering how
I'll feel
Away from you
When the nights are both
Longer and colder

I feel that I have to stop
Turn around
And go back for you
But who I am
I can not just drop
I need to know
Who will be true

So far away
I guess it's time
That separates us
From being together
But watch the sands
Of time
Turn to dust
And let us free
To be forever

Everyone needs a part of the sun
I wonder if you're my part

Stop & Go

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