Sunday, February 26, 2017

Words From The Attic... First Blood

The movie "First Blood"
with Sylvester Stallone
had a huge impact on me.
And yes I know it was a corny...
over the top
post Vietnam War scenario...
but put aside all of the silliness
and pull back the curtain just a bit.

You just know that there were and... are thousands of guys
who came back and went through the very same shit that
John Rambo went through.

So many of them came across
that fucked up...
condescending asshole of a sheriff.
You just know they did!

I had it pretty good
because of the time I was born.
The only worry I had growing
up was trying to find a deli
that would sell me beer,
and trying to kiss a pretty girl...
and not dodge a fucking draft
which in most cases led
to a shallow grave, if any,
in a foreign land.
Gimmie the beer...
and the kiss...
any fucking day.

Love all of the "First Blood" movies.
But the first one...
was by far the best.

First Blood

Feeling a chill
That runs through the bone
Shuffling feet
You're all alone

But then wait
You're at war with the world
Survival of the fittest
Is the name of the game
You heard it many times
But it's all the same

Just you
But what did I do
Just you
Come on
Gimme a clue

Misfit Joe
From the other side
Comes back home
Figured out their lies

Feeling that chill
Again in his bones
But this time baby
I ain't alone

I'm a time bomb
Set to go off
If you trip my alarm

I had to prove to myself
I'm the fucking best
You wanna try me out
You're gonna die like the rest

Leave me alone
I didn't do nothing to you
I only wanna see my dreams
Come true

I used to have a lot of them
You know I really did
I used to have so many
When I was a kid

But then I grew up fast
And I grew up hard
You said be a soldier
Or else be barred

So I did
I was the fucking best
And now you hunt me down
For resisting arrest

It won't work
Survive this man
Why do you do this to me
I do not understand

Survive me
Try me
Push me to the end
You American people
Don't need to pretend

Your dirty work is done
I am the fool
Bury me in the dust
Dig me up one day
I might be a jewel

First Blood

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