Saturday, February 11, 2017

Words From The Attic... Open Air Affair

Seems I was quite the romantic outdoors-man... LoL

I'm pretty sure the only thing I did during a raging...
loud thunderstorm...
was hold onto my mate for dear life underneath the blankets
in tent fashion...
hoping we weren't gonna die!

But'cha gotta love the
imagination though...
and that poetic license!

Open Air Affair

Thunderstorms swirl in a distant view
While lightning strikes...
A silhouette of you

Raindrops trickle from cloud to cloud
And saunter upon the ground
As Mother Nature yawns so loud
Creating wondrous sounds

But of course we make the best
Of what seems to be a losing cause
We gather a friend who has some zest
Instead of hiding behind locked doors

Our lightning friend returns once more
Like U.V. lights upon your skin
I whisper softly... it's you I adore
Can you understand... my feeling

Beneath our open shelter
You can feel how free we are
It's beautiful here...
Amongst our friends
As I lose your eyes...
Against the stars

Stay with me here in our wilderness scene
And we'll love our life... to life's extreme
While thunderstorms rage softly
And begin... our dream

Open Air Affair

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