Sunday, February 26, 2017

Words From The Attic... Seasons Of Love

Some nice imagery...
and again...
I end up with the chick... LoL

Seasons Of Love

Willow tree
On a lime green lawn
Sparkles with life
At the crack of dawn

Open the blinds
And a new day come
And open your mind
To everyone

You can feel the power
The will to live
The will to love
The right to give

Rise my pretty
You glisten with light
Like a man on the run
Or a friend in need
You are my strength
Such a healthy sight

Sun grows weary
Orange and red
Now close the blinds
And rest your mind
And remember those things
That you said

Come today
Come tomorrow
Comes a day
A need to borrow

My love is yours
It's always there
It's there for you
And you alone
To lose your love
I wouldn't dare
To me your love
Is just too rare

Because of sweetness
Never untrue
I'm yours forever
I love you

Seasons Of Love

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