Friday, February 3, 2017

Words From The Attic... Margaret & Florida State

As I mentioned in the preamble
of the previous poem
Silent Storms...
I fell in "like" with someone
right before I bailed out of
Staten Island, New York
for navy boot camp
in Orlando, Florida.

Her name was Margaret,
and even though I was a year
or two older than she was,
she was by far... way cooler
than myself. Way cooler!

I think I was 20 and she was
18 maybe 19. And well these
next two writings are about her.
I think back now about those
few months and believe that
they were both the best of times and... the lowest of times... LoL
Man, I was such a loser with women... hahahaha : (

Well, here's some of my
emotional wreckage.
Most of the early writings were
very very simple ideas.
And it seems I liked to write about lips, wine... and bright sunshine...
a lot!


Whisper to me... what do you hear
Let me know your inner earth
Let me hear your secret fear

Hold my hand... and remember the days
The days we had
How we grew together in many ways

But now we're gone... our hands are free
Is it better this way
Should we just let it be

Should we stay apart... and start a new
And remember us together
As a memory or two

Though our lips can not touch... no more
With no more sharing of wine
You'll be in my heart forever
And always on my mind



Florida State

On my mind like the bright sunshine
With a smile on your lips...
and the taste of wine

Open your heart... let me fall inside
Let me feel the love... that you tried to hide

Music fills the air... sweet sweet sound
Running through my head...
like a merry-go-round

But the music that I hear... it's always our song
But it will never be the same
Unless you sing along

You'll never know the feel...
or feel how much it cost
When your baby's not there...
and you're all alone
Then you'll know... the feel of loss

So hold her tight... and treat her right
And live out your fantasy
And in the end just wait and see
The love that's here
Between you and me

Florida State

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