Saturday, February 25, 2017

Words From The Attic... For The Doors

Found another "doors"
themed anthem!

Wrote this post boot camp
while I was attending navy
Avionics school in
Millington, Tennessee.
The armpit of the universe... LoL
If you wanna read about it

Looks like I penned this piece
on the inside cover of one
of my study guides from school.

And oh...
it's short... and... real.
I like it

For The Doors

Magical mystery
And words of thought
Listen to the words
And you'll be caught

To criticize
What you don't understand
Is simply being a normal man

Open your eyes to the wisdom abroad
The achievements you make
Will be deeply adored

Your mind was meant
To see all that lives
So take in life
And all it gives

                                                      tommy mondello '82

For The Doors
Student study guide poem was written on... For The Doors

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