Sunday, February 5, 2017

Words From The Attic... Okay--- Now

Seems I was using my own words to fill
some sort of void I found myself in.
Writing about... well... shit going on
in life has for so long helped me
pull out of it... in one piece.

I only took the words at face value,
because it seems whatever
the emotional baggage
I was locked away in,
had already been opened
and I was standing back
on solid ground.

But I did feel a few icy douche chills
run up my spin while I read
those written words from long ago.

I didn't even bother to look behind them, investigate any further...
look for that secret meaning.
The face value was more than enough
to make me smile...
say fuck it... and feel good about
being able to convey my
moments of defeat... to myself.

Ups and downs
are what this fucking world is...
whether you think so or not.

And of course like the wonderful
words spoken so many times over the years by the influential, inspirational...
and just flat out sage's of this existence...

"It's not the number of times you get knocked down that counts.
It's the number of times...
that you get the fuck back up...
that counts!!!!"


Okay--- Now

On top of the world
A world I know nothing about
Hapless faces... communicating races
In a picture frame of doubt

Losing your cool at the act of a fool
Who lives within your eyes
But sometimes... wait... the eyes are full of lies
Looking into picturesque skies

Not wanting to speak... but keeping quiet
While in this frame... a raging riot
Consume's your time
While other's only see rhyme

Today for some reason... I am on top
Feeling like a balloon who is ready to pop
Tomorrow who knows... we'll see how it goes
If my world are friends... or full of foes

But I know which it is
It don't take no wiz
To figure out this stupid quiz

Fall unto me with open arms
And break the barrier in which I live
Alright... wait
I'm on my way
Today is you
You are my day

Okay--- Now

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