Sunday, February 19, 2017

Words From The Attic... Living Dream

I don't know if I wrote this
for someone specific...
someone I was with at the time.
But how amazing would it be
to find this very person.
This living dream.


Living Dream

I think it was the way
You moved your eyes
And the soft sensations
When I felt your sighs... I don't know

I saw you walking through the park
When the sun in the sky's
Opened up to you
And put a smile in your eyes... it's true

Sunshine girl
With a gleam in your smile
Will you come sit down with me
And reminisce for a while

I got a thing or two
I'd like to say to you
And you know it's from my heart
And I feel the things I'll say
Are really overdue
I should have said them
From the start

You are the girl
Who I really love
And who picked me up
When I was on the ground
You were always there
To give me a shove
And you filled my cup
With soothing sounds

I need you the way you are
There could never be another
And I find my love growing
With each new thing we discover

Please be mine
Forever in time
You are my living dream
You're like the sweetest tasting import wine
Flowing through me
In a whispering stream

Living Dream

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