Monday, February 20, 2017

Words From The Attic... Susan

I wrote this for a girl named
Susan... obviously!

And oh... it's horrible!!

She was the older sister of an amazing gal pal I had
from the high school daze...
Michelle was one of a kind...
loved that chick!

I was completely head over heels
in love with her older sister
Susan... too. LoL
Although she just laughed at me
every time I told her so.
I was still in high school
with Michelle and she must have
been 20 or so.

But even after school when
I swung by to see Schell,
and drink her dad's beer...
she'd still laugh.
I didn't have a snowballs chance
in hell with her :(

In fact, Sue & Schell lived right
across the street from
their cousin Margaret.
That's right,
the very same Maragret
from a few poems back
that I was with briefly
right before I shipped out
for the navy.

Seems I was in love
with the entire female side
of the family at one point
or another... :)
Too funny.

I wrote this one while I was away in navy boot camp... 1981.
I think I sold this one to half the guys that were there with me.
So funny.
They would just replace
the name Susan
with their wife's
or girlfriends name.
Guys are such scumbags
aren't they!

I sold all my boot camp
writings for stamps
and whatever stationary I needed.


Today's the day
And yes it's true
The day of your birth
My precious you

It's a day of joy
And of sharing love
A love that was sent
From the heavens above

Now today's your day
So lets make the most
And I think I'll start off
With this here toast

You're wild and fresh
With wide open eyes
So ride your dreams
Up to the skies

They say that dreams
They keep you alive
Well after all
Life is meant to be lived
And not just to survive

You're young and free
And beautiful still
So shoot for the stars
And forget the bill

Now listen here Sue
I wrote this here... just for you
If it brings a smile
It's okay with me
'Cause a smile is the thing
That I like to see

So enjoy your day
It's your very own one
It's the only day... you can stop
And just be a bum

Happy Birthday!
Love tommy


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