Sunday, February 12, 2017

Words From The Attic... Love Enough For Two

I promise...
that I will never use the word
Eva... LoL

Love this one though.

I only wish that I was giving my love away in real life
as much as I have written about it over the years.

Love Enough For Two

When I think of you babe
With open arms
I just can't wait to get home
I just dread the thought of you not there
And living my life... all alone

Sometimes I feel like I'm inside you
I can see what your eyes see
I always understand all the things you do
You are the world and more... to me

Don't worry babe... you're never alone
I'll always be by your side
To comfort you and make you feel good
Whenever this world... takes you for a ride

Take my hand... and squeeze my palm
And lets walk in the rain
Together we'll walk
Together we'll talk
Together we'll soothe each other's pain

End of night brings warm caress
I'll never let you go
To wake up here... without you there
Would simply cause me... to lose control

I need you babe... believe in me
Like I believe in you
And believe this babe...
That the love I give
Is love enough for two

Love Enough For Two

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