Saturday, February 25, 2017

Words From The Attic... Pink Floyd Can Soothe

A little spooky...
but I like it!!

I know there have been many times,
not always, but just about...
that I end up writing something
that has absoluetly nothing to do
with the way I'm feeling,
or how my life is going at the time.

It's wired...
but I can remember writing about
some sad or scary shit, when I
was feeling on top of the world.
That happened a lot.

I've written when I was fucked up emotionally as well...
but mostly when I was okay
with things.

I wonder if real writers have it
happen this way with them??
Hmmmm... I wonder?

Anyways... I love the line...
"fighting off the hungry cold"
gives me a fucking chill
just reading that.

And yes...

Pink Floyd... Dark Side Of The Moon

Pink Floyd Can Soothe

Soft lights in a neon ski
Open up to you
I want a woman to love
And I think it's you
Only thing I'm thinking
Is it you... who's true

What a drag it is here all alone
With my brain on hold
Spending those nights in a single bed
Fighting off the hungry cold

Would you like to run
Within the sun
And see your endless dream
Or perhaps the one
Is a loaded gun
Heading straight up
Heaven's stream

A little bit of time
And a little bit more
Is at bat now
And about to score
Erase this time
Of lonesome plight
And fill my eyes
With sculptured delight

Because I think
Well... I'm sure
You could deliver
The answer to my question
And end my nights
Of empty shiver

Time again has followed me

Pink Floyd Can Soothe

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