Saturday, February 25, 2017

Words From The Attic... Ready - Set - Go!

Seems the original title
for this one was
Go For It!
But somewhere along the way
I changed it to
Ready Set Go!

Oh well...
either way, in my opinion...
the BOTH suck as titles... LoL

It's a  simple ramble
about trying to enjoy this life
and not getting lost
in the usual
muddling and morning
that follows a persons passing.

Lemme tell ya though,
I'm finding that talk very very difficult to walk,
after we lost our dad
in May of 2016.
Not too many smiles I can tell you!


Ready - Set - Go!

Live while you can
It's not too soon
Lets love the sun
And rape the moon

There is no time for the headaches
Or the grudges that we hold
Lets run barefoot in the rain
And forget the cold

Lets swim the river
And walk the sea
Open your eyes to curiosity

It's you and me
And him and her
But when it's time to go
And I must die
I want to see a smile
On your face
It's for my last goodbye

For that smile means
That we all had fun
Without a smile on your face
It means that we've had none

                                              tommy mondello '82

Ready - Set - Go!

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