Sunday, January 29, 2017

Words From The Attic... Lead -- Don't Get Lost

I was having one of those
inspirational moments.

Looking towards your hero's...
be they rock 'n roll or otherwise...
dead or... alive...
for a spark in life was, and still is...
something that I fall back to
from time to time.

Hey... if it helps you to propel your own
life forwards...
then it's just as good as any other
inspirational input!

Was lucky enough to find Jim's
final resting place in Paris, France
and have a few sips of wine with him.

Click here...
if you wanna see some photos
and read about the adventure
my friend Billy and I lived through.

Lead --- Don't Get Lost

Approach the bench and confess your dreams
You see it a lot
But it's not as easy as it seems

You look at the people
Whose dreams have come true
The rock stars you listen to
They haven't all won
Like Bon Scott...
the Mooner...
and even Jim Morrison

They had their dreams and went for it all
They ignored the world
And had a ball

But those people were unique
And are very few
But that doesn't mean
That you can't be one too

So pull back those arms
And throw out that chest
And ignite your own dreams
And fuck the rest

Bon Scott
Lead singer of the band AC/DC
died of alcohol poisoning at age 33
Bon Scott dead at age 33... February 19, 1980

Keith Moon
(The Mooner)
Drummer for the band
known as THE WHO
died of alcohol and pills
and shear lunacy at age 32
Keith Moon dead at age 32... September 7, 1978

Jim Morrison
Singer for the band called 
The Doors
died of a heart attack
at age 27 so they say??
Understand him
and you will like him
Jim Morrison dead at age 27... July 3, 1971

Lead --- Don't Get Lost

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