Saturday, January 28, 2017

Words From The Attic... Neighborhood Thief

this was the result of me obsessing
on the wailing words of
singing his lyrics to the song
from the incredible 1978
AC/DC album release...
Highway To Hell album cover... 1978 AC/DC

Hey... what can I say...
I "borrowed" Bon's idea
and went with it... LoL
But Bons' words are way better for sure!

Obsess much???

Neighborhood Thief

Walking on a path that overlooks the bay
With a sun that's hot and on the rise
I blindly watch tomorrow... becoming today

I'm a man on the prowl so don't waste your time
Don't bother to look for my evil ways
'Cause I strike like a flash
I'm a one of a kind

Your pockets are picked and your wife was fine
You own no more when my work is done
And you hate my soul 'cause your mine... all mine

To walk the streets is a deadly chore
I'm under here or over there
I could even be waiting... behind the door

I slither and slide across the room
And I'm at my best... ya know
With the fullest of moons

Come on now honey just give me a chance
Flash your jewels and that fancy brooch
And if you don't watch out
I'll steal your bod... right from your pants

I'm a crack in the wall or that fallen leaf
I'm the slyness of the wind
I'm your... neighborhood thief

Neighborhood Thief

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