Sunday, January 15, 2017


Words from the attic continues...

Love this one!
For the life of me I can't remember when it was born, but...
whenever I read this fucker...
I really do... feel I'm home!

I always wanna be those lyrics...


Have you ever seen the dark side of the moon
        Illuminate inside of you
        A glorious glow of unearthly dew
Have you ever been the lyrics inside the tune...

Have you ever wondered why you're here alone
        While the outside world communicates
        As your PC screen anxiously awaits
Have you ever been the joy
When they hear the cell ringtone...

Have you ever had a day in your life last a year
        Through morning... noon... and night
        24 hours through 12 months
        Within a beam of soothing light
Have you ever been the salt
Within the drop of a joyful tear...

Have you ever loved something... someone
With all your heart
        Thinking to yourself the whole time if they knew
        Were the skies in their eyes
        The very same brilliant blue
Have you ever been the winner of the race
Even before the start...

Have you ever felt perfection caress your face
        Her glance... her hands... her lips...
        A brave new world experienced... fingertips
Have you ever known that you were home
Light years before you ever arrived... at that place...

Home Sweet Home

HSH being born

HSH all grown up

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