Sunday, January 15, 2017


Here's some more "woe is me" words from the attic. These words must have found there way onto the page shortly after we split but before the papers were signed.

Alittle sappy... bit I kind'a like it!


I'm Waiting
I'm waiting for the tides to turn
For a change in the rivers course
I'm waiting to see if I've finally learned
How to put a love above all... instead of myself
That's the pain I now bare upon my cross...

I'm wanting
I'm wanting time to somehow be reversed
A machine to step into
I'm wanting the bubble I'm living in to burst
Now that I've seen
What's the most important thing not...
In my life
Which I now know is you...

I'm wishing
I'm wishing my days away
But without the lamp to rub
Can a wish ever be fulfilled
I'm wishing you could see within my mind
It always seems to know exactly what to say
But alas... you can't
Thus leaving such awkward verse
Once again...
The tides have all been stilled...

I know
I now know the secret to my success was you
The driving force behind the man
I now know after time apart
I finally have a clue
That a husband must adore his wife
And put her above all
It's taken me all this time
To finally understand...

Hugs and kisses... cuddling in the dark
Are the only things I should have shown
Instead I left you lonely nights & broken hearts
And now... silly lovesick poems...

This confusing process has unveiled a truth
A deep seated thought
The final clue
I've come to realize
The reason behind my heartache
It comes from the endless hours
Inside my isolation booth... silent talk
The realization that I may never hold hands
Or be able to stare into those eyes again
May be the chance... to grow old... with you...

Sorry will never be enough

Mistakes being born
Mistakes being born
Mistakes being born

Mistakes fully grown
Mistakes fully grown

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