Sunday, January 15, 2017

Forever My Wife

Still clearing out the attic of words!

Some of the things I've come across
have made me laugh
some brought tears
while others sucked so bad I just
crumbled it up and tossed it
in the trash... LoL
Good thing for me you can't
crumble up a blog post!

I can't really remember exactly
when I wrote this,
but I'm betting it wasn't too long after
we officially signed the papers
and all hope of reuniting,
at least in my eyes... was gone.

Woe is me... lol

But as silly as it may seem to read this sort of dribble... at the time when words such as these leave my head and spill upon whatever tablet, page or napkin my pencil finds... it's just so exhilarating... in an "Oh thank goodness I got that shit outta my fuckin' head" sort'a way... LoL

So without further ado... my heart...
poured upon the page... for you!

Forever My Wife

Suddenly all you have is gone
 For better or for worse are now words forgotten
At times it seems you were doing the right thing
 Then at times it seems I'm lost in life
  Safe and warm... but still looking for my home...

Unaware of our surroundings
 Blind to the fact that our heartbeats were changing
  Not always in sync... not always the same
Until finally we find ourselves apart
 An unnecessary struggle from day to day
  Does it really matter now who is to blame...

My new life goes on
 Like a newborn child I approach each dawn
Relearning ideas that I've had for years
 Trying to find myself all over again
  Can I really ever truly belong...

But beneath the surface of every morning
 Is a riding force that's hiding
  Putting on a charade
Allowing me my newfound freedom
 While still pulling back on the reins
  Perhaps through frustration and haste
   A life altering mistake was made...

Can things ever be the same... I don't know
 How can two people fall in love
  Then take for granted
   What some other's may never find...

I'm troubled still... but continue a new
 I hope my confusion transforms into life
The journey ahead will be a challenge
 Nothing short of an emotional roller coaster
  But through the good to come... and even the bad
   Down deep within my heart
    I know you will always and forever be my wife...

Forever My Wife coming alive
Forever My Wife coming alive

Forever My Wife fully grown up