Sunday, December 4, 2016

30 Years

I wrote this for my friends
Joey & Carmen (Delia)
for their 2015 Christmas gathering.
Which also happened to be their 30th
year together as a couple.

Yes... I actually wore a suit.
And as I arrived through the hall doors,
Joey promptly walked up to greet me
straighten my fuckin' tie... LoL

It was a really fun time as the night ended with the entire room encircling the family... singing along to an emotional Billy Joel... "Sing us a song you're the piano man...
Sing us a song tonight.
Well we're all in the mood for a melody...
And you got us feelin' alright!"

--- The pink is Delia talking ---
--- The blue is Joey talking ---
--- The black is both talking together ---

30 Years

To my dearest Joseph... you are my husband
To my dearest Delia... you are my wife
Together we've lived... together we've loved
Together we've given each other... such a wonderful life

Just look at us now surrounded by family...
embraced by friends
We're 30 years now from the start
Can either one of us have ever envisioned such fulfillment
Our hearts are warmly melting from an abundance of love
In God we trust... that it never ends

I have to say Delia...
I never thought I would ever find true direction
and consoling comfort
And within you my Joseph...
I have found my protector... my warmth
Only one word... one emotion...
Can ever tell the tale of us...
and that is of course... triumphant

30 years
Yes 30 wonderful years have brought us to this point
We've had our hands full at times
Yes but somehow we've always managed
to find those rhymes
Those rhymes just beyond our sight

I can honestly say my Joseph
And I can honestly say my Delia
That having you...
And also you...
In my life has been such a miracle... simply a blessing
And without hesitation I say to you
That every second together you have truly been
My shinning star... my inner strength
Always and forever... my guiding light...

I love you

30 Years being born
30 Years being born

30 Years all grown up... color fonts included... :)

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