Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Eagles... Already Gone... A Perfect Lyric

A Perfect Lyric

I heard this song on the radio
while driving back home today...
fuckin' AWESOME!

At first I was listening to
Aerosmith's "Live Bootleg" cd...
love that muthafuckin album!

Right after the last notes to
"Train Kept A Rollin'"...
and the fading of the crowd noise...
I switched over to the radio
and the song was right at the part
of these most perfect lyrics...
that I've heard, AND sang,
a million times over mind you but...

... for some reason, this time around,
they just hit me over the head
like a ton of fucking perfection.

Profound reality
is truly a wonderful thing isn't it!!

The song I'm talking about,
is performed by
The Eagles
The Eagles
The Eagles
The Eagles

I made the switch to the radio
and this... is what I heard...

"Well I know it wasn't you
who held me down
Heaven knows it wasn't you
who set me free
So often times it happens
that we live our lives in chains
And we never even know
we have the key"

The Eagles... Already Gone
The Eagles... Already Gone

That whole verse is amazing but...
it's the second line that just
fuckin' resonated with me SO much
at that very moment.

To realize that it's YOU...
who is the one that's holding YOU...
from being everything
and doing everything...
that your little heart desires
is such a fucking wake up call
I have to tell ya... LoL

And that fucking amazing dirty guitar
at the 2:36 point of the song
right after the word "free"...
just kicks my ass...
every time...

It was written by two guys
Jack Tempchin & Robb Strandlund
and was on the Eagles 1974 release...
The Eagles... On The Border
The Eagles... On The Border

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