Saturday, October 28, 2017

Can I Be...

Was listening to a Scott Stapp
song the other day...
picked up a pen...
and this came out.

I really like it!

Can I Be...

Can I be an island
A self sustaining life
Running on cylinders --- full
Throttled to the max
Can I be that island
Without strife
Tensions within me --- pull
As I try my best to relax

Can I be more
Than an ocean filled with doubt
Surrounding my island --- treasure
A pirates creed
Can I be that ocean
Water's clear water's without
Skillfully maneuvering --- taking measure
Fruit-filled limbs only
Life beyond the seed

Can I be a sun
Refreshing yellow glow
Leaving behind shapes --- a stillness
Shadows revealing a tale
Can I be that sun
A brightness  a warmth  a show
Caressing your emotions --- a willingness
To embrace my rays
They never fail

Can I be a tick in time
Just listen to that click
As your heart moves from 1 to --- 2
Such safety is found inside
Can I be that tick in time
You are the candle I am the wick
My strength & love flows & believes --- in you
That time stands still as 1 & 2
You & I

Can I be your vision
Can I be your season
Can I be your present
Can I be your song
Can I be your future

Can I be...

Can I Be...
Can I Be...
Can I Be...
Can I Be...

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