Sunday, December 4, 2016

Joey Marsh... The Nucleus

Found a bunch of things I wrote over the years and just wanted to post a few.
This one here, I wrote for a friends 40th surprise birthday back in 2001.
We're still friends after so many years.
And if I'm not mistaken, the last time we hungout was after playing golf this past summer 2016. We drank tons of sangria while THE WHO's Quadrophenia was
filling up the entire restaurant...
too fuckin' cool!

Joey Marsh... The Nucleus

From the beginning it's been this way
And from the beginning it's been our pleasure
To hangout with you from day to day
And gather up memories...
That we will always treasure

It's weird...
But somehow it seems that when you're there
That we're okay...
And a reassuring calmness appears
From stickball to Strat-o-matic to drinking beers
If Joey Marsh walked in...
Out the door went any fears

Somehow you have the ability to make us all feel safe
I can't explain it...
You represent where we all came from
And I know you don't even realize that it is this way
But just ask any one of us about these thoughts
And I'll guarantee that they would agree...
With what I say

40 years have now passed by
And friendships are still alive
While the nucleus that you are continues to glow
It's a proven fact that you'll soon witness...
When you arrive
As you walk through those doors
Watch our camaraderie grow

Believe me when I say that you are special in some way
And that I'm speaking here for us all
Be it just hanging out or on the field of play
You being here with us... softens any fall

Daltrey screams what Townshend creates...
"How many friends have I really got"
While Entwistle glances up at the Moon above
Their music has always helped us express our feelings
Enough for us to say to you...
That you truly do
Have all of our love

Happy birthday Joe
The kids are still... alright!
Love... all of us

Joey Marsh... The Nucleus

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