Monday, June 23, 2014

THE WHO ( Pete Townshend )... A Perfect Lyric

A Perfect Lyric

This is just another category
I've been meaning to start up,
posting some of my favorite lyrics
that I've heard and been singing
most of my life.

We all have certain words,
sayings, and of course song lyrics
that stick to us like glue!

Some of them cause you to cry,
to perhaps wonder why.
While some of them
most certainly inspire you to heights
you've never ever thought possible.
Even if it's for but a split second,
those words can transform
your entire being!!

Just like I wrote about in the
Rock 'n Roll Bookmarks

That feeling of being transformed
to another place 'n time by a song,
a note, and of course a lyric
is an undeniable force of human nature!

That's just too neat isn't it!?

Well this first lyric that will begin
this brand new category
comes to mind whenever I'm in that
in that creative wilderness,
pulling thoughts and emotions
out of my head and onto paper.

Thinking of this single lyric
just inspires the crap outta me,
and helps me to somehow focus.

This could be, and maybe is...
my most favorite single lyric of all time.
I know, there's SO many to choose from.
But there's just something about these words
that flow,
that ignites the flame
of creativity inside of me.

And I always end up laughing as well.

Because I've been writing things down,
thoughts, passions, disappointments
and so on for many many...
many years now.
And I don't think I've ever approached,
or even come close
to matching the perfection
of these simple words!

Pete Townshend is the man for sure.

Pete Townshend THE WHO
Pete Townshend THE WHO... and yes... I know the photo was enhanced lol! Not even Pete can catch THAT much air!!!
Pete Townshend THE WHO
Pete Townshend THE WHO
Pete Townshend THE WHO
Pete Townshend THE WHO
Pete Townshend THE WHO
Pete Townshend THE WHO
I drew this when I was a kid way back when  LoL John Keith Pete & Roger

The lyric comes from the song
Bell Boy

from my most favorite "go to" album to date... Quadrophenia

THE WHO Quadrophenia 1973

"A beach is a place
where a man can feel...

he's the only soul
in the world that's real!"

How awesome is that!!

There will be others from Pete
AND this album
as time goes by, so many others!
But for now,
this simple string of words, rule the day!

You have a favorite lyric???

Well... lemme hear it will ya!

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