Saturday, June 21, 2014

Funny things you overhear other people say... ( part 1 )

While riding my bike from the seafood festival down in Belmar, New jersey the other day,
just entering the bike trail from the edge of Manasquan, that leads me back to
Allaire State Park where my car was...

Manasquan bike path

... I came upon 2 women who were riding in the opposite direction on the trail. And just
as we were parallel to each other,
I overheard one woman say to the other
as she was looking down...

"Do I look flat?"

Obviously she meant did her tire look flat.
But there was no fucking way in hell
that I was going to let that
beautiful line go unanswered!!

And so without hesitation...
I cracked up laughing hysterical
and blurted out...

"They look just fine
to me sweetheart!"

Obviously... I meant her boobage... LoL
And yes she knew that!
Just felt the need to explain that
in case some of you were in the dark.
And you know who you are!!

I think I can still hear them giggling
from my crudeness  : )

It was so fast and so funny,
no time to think.

Too awesome!

I love that word... boobage!

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