Friday, December 6, 2013

The Moment You Have Become a Chick!

Sometimes there are just no words

to explain... my words... LoL

Yippy Kai-yay muthafucka

My philosophy on...

The Moment You Have Become a Chick

How does one confirm the fact that...
he has indeed... become a chick?


If you cried at the end of
( at the 1:35 mark )

then you my friend,
have crossed over to the dark side.

Or rather, should I say, pink side!

Because at that very moment,
your testicles have left the building
and you are now in possession of...
a fully functional


Well, what can I say?
I'd better run out this very instant
and buy a matching set of panties and bra
for my man-boobs & brand new hoochie.
Because I shit you not,
I welled-up with moistened flesh
like the excited vagina that I am
at the end of the movie when
bloodied 'n battered,
said this to Matt Farrell (Justin Long)...

That's what makes you...
that guy!


You know you fuckers welled up
just like I did.
Hold on, my panties are
bunching up on me!
Oh be quiet... LoL

If you're a fan of the Die Hard series...
... then you "get it"...

... that we're not talking Shakespeare here,
and you know what I'm talking about!

Bruce Willis is too cool isn't he?

Holy shit dude,

I am one muthafuckin'
fugly chick!

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