Saturday, December 21, 2013


I was a mess...
post divorce in 2004,
emotionally speaking.
Scrambled fucking eggs LoL

And when you're a mess...
your mind, well, it never stops!

Looking back,
my one piece of advice is this...
if neither one of you are fucking the neighbor or physically beating the other, then don't do it!

Talk it out
find whats missing
and fall the fuck back... in love
all over again!

If it doesn't work
after the effort, then,
go your separate ways.

And in the meantime,
write all your thoughts down.
Good, bad, crazy, fucking insane!
No matter how fucked up you may think they are. Sometimes something neat rises from the ashes. Or not... LoL

It's the very first day of winter
and it's 60 fucking degrees!
Holy crap...
I'm outta here mofo's...
Enjoy the day!


Think of all the possibilities
That surround you on a daily basis
Starring back at you from every pair
 Hidden within a thousand faces…

How a caress
Can be found in the glance of another lonely soul
 A reassuring second of human emotion
  That could last for days
Lifting your spirits to soaring new highs
Helping to avoid the strains we heave upon ourselves
 Trying so desperately to survive
  Within the pretty people craze…

Could it actually be possible
To make it through one single day without feeling love
 It’s somewhat like being alone in a crowd
  And as crazy as it may seem
   I’ve had that hollow feeling
I so dread the coming of that loveless day
The time it will take to fully comprehend
 To fully begin to mend
  The time it will take for soulful healing…

The possibilities of change are frightening to me
Simplistic routine devoured by complexity
 The comfort of my setting sun
  Will never seem the same again…

But yet I must remember
That behind every lost sunset begins a new day of choice
 Where simplistic routine can once again rule
Bringing with it a new spirit of life
Reinforcing our hope… and accepting our belief
 That love will somehow find us
  Perhaps it will find us soon…

+++    Believe that anything is possible    +++

Possibility coming together
Possibility coming together

Possibility all done

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