Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jimmy Ladley... John McAvoy... Clement Fumando... 9/11 Memorial Museum opening made me cry... May 15, 2014

This morning I was home on vacation from work and just happened to turn the TV on, and there it was, on most of the major channels...
the opening ceremony
for the long awaited 9/11 museum.

I sat there and cried my fucking eyes out!

I don't know why... but cry I did!

Nothing silly, funny or even childish about this post as most of my other entries have been.

I just wanted to remember the people who
we were connected to somehow in our circle
of old neighborhood friends, that were lost.

You will ALWAYS be inside each of us!

And also many of those tears I shed
were for those of you who were there but somehow were able to escape tragedy,
including my ex-wife Lynn,
and have that day embedded into your
daily emotional heartstrings.

This post is for everyone of you!

(Cantor Fitzgerald)
Jimmy Ladley
Jimmy Ladley

(FDNY Ladder 3)

John McAvoy
John McAvoy

(Cantor Fitzgerald)

Clement Fumando
Clement Fumando

And also I want to remember
the firefighters of the Rescue 5 squad
from Clove Road on Staten Island.

My dad worked on Engine 160
before the Rescue squad moved in.
And also my cousin Kevin
worked on the Rescue 5 crew.

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