Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jimmy Eat World... The Middle... Song of the Moment

Song of the Moment

Love this song...
quick and to the point!

At ANY age within this silly life...
this song... and concept... works!

I first came upon this concept
way back many many years ago
when my friend Sal
first turned me onto the bad boyz
themselves... Twisted Sister.
They were the KING'S
of this concept hands down!

I remember standing in
The Rock Palace, Fountain Casino
or whatever club we were in,
listening to Dee on stage
pleading with us, the audience,
to let loose...
to just be ourselves...
and to always do our best...
and not give a fuck if you don't come
off looking cool or acceptable.
Just raise your hands and fuckin' rock!

((We used to somehow get thru the energy that these muthafucka's threw at us every chance we could.
If you watch the show on that link above...
just multiply the energy you see and feel
by 100 when you were standing there
in front of that stage live in one of the local clubs.
I'm sweating just glancing at the beginning of it... LoL))

Amamzing, amazing nights!!

saying "fuck it"...
and just living in the moment,
just living your life...
is by far
the best
to live!

Well this song captures that very same
intent to push a muthafucka forward without the caring about perception. So keep pushin'... no matter what the fuck that numbered age is that represents your time here on this planet!

One of the most meaningful quotes I've ever heard comes from one of my favorite authors...
and it goes like this...

"Use fear as an engine...
and NOT as a brake!!"

Simple right!
So step on it bitches...
that number you possess
isn't getting any smaller... LoL

Always remember this...
that something you did
5 years ago
5 months ago
5 weeks ago
5 days ago
5 hours ago
5 minutes ago
5 seconds ago

means absolutely nothing
in the scheme of this life.

The Middle
(Jimmy Eat World 2001)

Jimmy Eat World The Middle 2001

Jimmy Eat World
Jimmy Eat World

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