Friday, May 23, 2014

Favorite Quotes... John Lennon said this...

This is by far...

my favorite quote of ALL TIME!

I once read this quote a long time ago
by none other than John Lennon.

John Lennon

He said... and I quote...

"The time you enjoy wasting
is NOT...
wasted time!"

Just think about that shit the next time you catch yourself feeling guilty for slacking off, or actually taking some much needed downtime for yourself. I used to beat myself up so much if I wasted a beautiful summer day, say by writing a story or just clicking away on that most wonderful
of all inventions... the remote!

Now I just say FUCK IT!

And I embrace my down time!
Whether if it produces a tangible thought/action or not... I love every muthafucking moment
of that "wasted time!"

Now of course I have no children or wife, so yes, that makes my down time much more accessible and easier to embrace guilt free than most of you. But too fuckin' bad... they WILL understand your tiny need to enjoy doing absolutely NOTHING... from time to time! They just will.

Because they... love you... that's why!

Tommy Mondello's favorite quote comes from John Lennon

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