Saturday, August 2, 2014

Thurman Munson 35 years ago today... August 2, 1979

Whether if you were a New York Yankees
fan or not...
if you're a fan of baseball...
then this was a tough one!

Yes even for me.

We hated the Yankees while growing up.
And yes of course...
our team was the New York Mets!
That's right... that's right...
laugh all you want.
But I'm STILL euphoric over '69 & '86!!

We would watch the Yankee games
on channel 11 (WPIX) just to root
for the other team... LoL
How retarded is that... hahahahaha

But none of that really matters at all now does it?

Because after time,
you tend to end up loving every single sports person,
from every single sports team,
that was playing during your childhood
and into your young adult years
when sports meant SO much to you

and pretty much ruled your life!

If you weren't playing,
then you damn sure were watching!

And those players instinctively become apart
of your own life history.
Suddenly, the ones you hated, loved,
and even the ones you didn't even care about...
well now,
they've become the stitches of thread
helping to hold together
those very special years and memories
of your younger days.

And that my friends...
is fucking awesome!!

I'm going to let you remember
through photo's, instead of my words.

My words...

they could never express such emotion.

Bill Gallo cartoon... Thurman Munson gone Aug 3, 1979
 Daily News Aug 3, 1979 Thurman Munson plane crash
Thurman Munson grave stone
Thurman Munson grave stone
 Rear view of Thurman Munson grave stone
 Thurman Munson's locker
 Thurman Munson's locker
 Thurman Munson... The Captain
 Thurman Munson number 15 in Monument Park Yankee Stadium
 Thurman Munson rookie card
 Thurman Munson All-Star card
Thurman Munson
 Thurman Munson in action
 Thurman Munson in action
 Thurman Munson in action
 Thurman Munson in action
 Thurman Munson in action
 Thurman Munson in action
 Thurman Munson in action
 Just plain happy Munson!
 Thurman Munson number 15 helmet
 Thurman Munson number 15
 Thurman Munson... The Captain
 Thurman Munson... The Captain

for ever hating or going against another team.
These memories
these walks down that lane
should help us all...
to move forward and excel...
at living!

I tend to forget that at times...

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