Friday, August 22, 2014

Catching Up to Myself

I'm sending this entry out to a very
special woman... baby boobear...

Our paths crossed for a quick moment in time, but she will surely remain in my heart!

Even though I wrote this many years back,
I think it's something that she can use at
this very second...
and that is...
a big 'ole deep breath
followed by the most relaxing exhale...
that calms the entire body!

This was exactly how I felt and what I wrote
as I sat in my car eating lunch at a park by
the water in South Amboy, New Jersey
during the dead of winter while I was
in the midst of some post divorce
emotional mayhem... LoL

This afternoon...
this wonderful lunch moment...
gave me the deep breath that I was looking for which in turn led to the strength that I needed to plant my feet back... firmly... on the  ground!

We can all use this kind of breath from time to time... and you know that's true!

This is me... Tommy Mondello... giving you... LTF... a deep relaxing breath!

: )   X 10,003

Catching Up to Myself

This uneventful day has just been fantastic
 My senses have been stripped in every way
Of the daily grind that runs us down
  Opening up a gaping hole
   For my weary mind to wander astray...

The dead of winter has lost it's might
 Consumed by a never ending deep blue sky
  Filled with a brilliant sunshine
   Along with playful seagulls in full flight....

Rays of heat push their way
 Through a glaring windshield
  My pores soak them up
   As they warm my face
An exodus of high expectations once concealed
 Now allows my eyes to focus
  On the things that I hold dear
   Allows me time to experience
    My very own space...

So simple is this day
 Sitting here completely alone
That except for my lifelong friends
 Crooning their way through my antenna's end
  The only other soul I've found is myself
    And that perhaps a part of me
     My sense of life... has been awakened
      Could it be that maybe I have grown...

Sometimes it can get pretty complex
 This simple day... if you let it
  You can think yourself right into a tailspin
That's when you must set down your pen
 Close your eyes
  And feel that windshield warmth
   Pull you back from the depths of thought...

Allowing you the chance to revisit
 The soft confines of this wonderful day
The chance to believe in who you are
 The chance to believe in yourself
   In every way...

Today has truly been a gift from the gods
 No mortal man could ever
  Dream such scenic beauty

I'm so thankful
 For these few frozen ticks of time
These precious moments of clarity
 Never fail to slow my life
  To ease the worry
   To fully and completely
     Mentally unwind...

Sun & laughter can heal almost anything!

Catching Up To Myself coming alive
Catching Up To Myself coming alive

Catching Up To Myself all grown up

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