Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wham! Just wham!

Is there a draft in here??

It doesn't get any more ridiculous

than this... I hope!! :)


There’s not much to say about this bit of bare-assed excitement, except to say that I was obviously the "butt" end result of a dare.

It happened at the Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park. I was with my friend Michael and his girlfriend Patty.

Tommy Mondello with pal Mike at my surprise 40th birthday party Jan 20, 2001

We were there to see The Joe Perry Project
play a show. One of our rock 'n roll hero's.

Joe Perry started The Joe Perry Project after he split from Aerosmith in 1980
Tommy Mondello ticket stub for The Joe Perry Project at Six Flags Great Adventure 1980
There's my ticket for the show.
1980 was a great fucking year!!
We saw Joe and The Project many times when they were in town.
Even saw them open up for OZZY. Tough show for Joe though. The band
had SO many technical difficulties that the crowd began chanting for OZZY.
I remember Mike getting all pissed off that they were chanting, that's how
much of a fan he was of Joe... and still is!! Too funny.

Mike and I were both big fans, and Patty, well, she was there because she was just the coolest girlfriend I have ever seen. She hung with us idiots through thick and thin! LoL

Well, I remember being there and standing in the crowd rockin’ to the Project. I was wearing a pair of real short shorts (no underwear of course), and a cut-off tee shirt showin’ off
my stealthy self to the world!

I was a regular looking guy at this point, and most of the chubbiness had subsided.

I remember standing side-by-side in the crowd, then hearing a song come to an end. The three of us immediately raised our arms to the sky in applause when it happened.


Someone had just pulled my shorts
down to my ankles!

I calmly turned to Michael and said...

Hey Mike, are my balls hangin’ out?

Michael turned, looked down, and said...

Tom, man,
your shorts are around your ankles!

The many beers we’d consumed
had slowed my awareness as you could
plainly see. We were never the ones
to shy away from "too" many... beers!!

Now you have to picture this.

Our hands were still in the air
clapping for the last song,
and my shorts were down at my ankles.

Then, Michael  just held out his right hand in a cupping motion while saying...

Tom, man, Wham!
Just wham!

Referring to my balls flappin’ in the breeze. LoL

I finally realized what the fuck had just happened, and I reached down and pulled my shorts back up. And then a couple guys
that were standing behind us yelled out...

Hey dude, she went that way!

Michael and me spotted the culprit and took off in a desperate drunken chase after her.

No, not to bitch slap her silly, or anything like that. I just wanted to know what she was doin’ after the show. Hey, I’d take it
anyway I could get it my friend! LoL

But, we never did catch her.
She disappeared into the swollen crowd.

Another one got away.

We were just cracking up with laughter the whole rest of the day. Michael just kept holding out his hand, cupping the air while saying...

Just wham!

Hahahahaha... what a douche bag LoLoLoL

Oh man am I a loser or what though???

Here I am with my dick hangin’ out just waiting for someone to grab hold, and what happens?

The fuckin’ chick runs away!

I tell ya, my dick gets less respect than I do.
It was the Rodney Dangerfield of cock!

Go figure!

Just wham!

Joe fuckin' Perry rulez!!

Joe Perry on stage with Aerosmith United Center, Chicago June 2012

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