Sunday, February 9, 2014

John Louis Sublett... Staten Island memories. Awesome!

Wow... and I thought I was a
nostalgic crazy person... LoL

But this guy...
this John Louis Sublett truly is... the man!!

I was poking around the web this morning looking for some info and stumbled upon his website... and it was... and is... amazing!

I just thought that this find would be something awesome to share. Heck, you may have already known about it, but just in case...
here's the link...

Just wait until you begin to scroll down the looong list of businesses and attractions from days gone by. I got such a kick out of the thoughts and pictures rushing into my head as I was reading... too cool!

Amazing photo's as well!

Make sure you click on the individual section titles at the top of the page... and then also click on the sections within the drop down menus as well! When you click on the title that says "Staten Island Memories"... you'll see a list of over 1000 neat things and places that were once apart of SI... and some that are still there!

Take your time, there's alot!
And wait until you're really in that
"I miss the good old days" mood. The memories and pictures in your mind will be
even more vivid and real!

Have fun... and thanx JLS...
awesome job dude... awesome!!

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