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The JFK Assassination

Fascination within assassination!

I still cry at the end of
the JFK movie!

Remember when Kevin Costner
looks right into
the camera's lens...
it still kicks my ass.

Just keep an open mind will ya!

My Philosophy on...

The JFK Assassination

There is absolutely NO WAY in hell that...
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

was assassinated by one lone oddball named...
Lee Harvey Oswald

Just no chance of it!

And how do I know this you ask?

Because I've been to Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas and have stood in the very same footsteps that the “killers'” created, that's how!

So maybe this isn't so much philosophy as it is common sense reality.

If you have any doubts whatsoever about my assumptions, you should take a trip to Dallas and see for yourself how absurd the
lone gunman” theory really is.

The very first thing that will blow you away, and no pun intended, is how small the entire stage is.

Tommy Mondello in Dealey Plaza Dallas Texas Nov 1994

Tommy Mondello in Dealey Plaza Dallas Texas Nov 1994
This is Dealey Plaza November 1994.
That's me standing there doing my best "back 'n to the left" impression.
Don't let these photo's fool you because they make the stage look much larger
than it actually was! JFK was riding from right to left towards the overpass.

The street, the sidewalk, overpass, grassy knoll, all of it. The entire area seems to be like one of those fake, man-made Hollywood neighborhood sets where your favorite sitcom is filmed.

It's nothing at all like what it seems to be when you watch the actual footage of that day on say, The History Channel.

Where everything seems to be much larger, more distant. Or even how wide open my photo's make it look. Believe me, when you're standing where I was, you'll be amazed how tiny it all is!

And as you stand breathless within the cradle of history, you will know right then and there, that the people who calculated this diabolical atrocity knew exactly what they were doing!

I'm no expert mind you, in anything really, but even I know that this was the perfect spot to carry out such a dastardly deed.

After you've regained your composure, finished absorbing the moment, and let the reality of it all wash over you, head on over to the
book depository building.

Book Depository building Dealey Plaza Dallas Texas Nov 1994

Book Depository building Dealey Plaza Dallas Texas Nov 1994
That's the Book Depository building in the first pic.
And you can see the top corner of it in that second pic
as if you were standing where Abraham Zapruder was
when he filmed the assassination.
JFK would have been driving towards you from this vantage point.

The now infamous sixth floor has been transformed into a museum where you can wander around, read, listen and view film footage surrounding the events
of that dreaded day.

You can also walk over to the windows facing out towards Dealey Plaza. You're unable to stand directly at the supposed window in which Oswald took aim, located at the corner of the building though. As they have enclosed that corner within an all glass casing floor to ceiling containing props to mirror that exact moment in time.

But not to fret, because you can stand directly in front of the window just ten feet to the right of it, and absolutely feel, the impossibility
in which the worthless
Warren Commission findings came to.

Fucking worthless!

Now, you are really going to shit yourselves for sure. I've saved the most damming proof for last.

After you've consumed the fantasy of the third floor book depository, it's now time for you to head on over to the real killing zone!

The Grassy Knoll.

The grassy knoll Dealey Plaza Dallas Texas Nov 1994
That's the knoll right in front of those people.
Then the hedgers, wall, and the wooden picked fence.

Once again, as you make your way down to the ever-shrinking, cartoon-like Dealey Plaza and you glance over to the grassy knoll, the history, the dark heavy-handed history,
will hit you like a ton of bricks.

No longer is this you watching footage on the TV screen from the comfort of your living room.

No longer is this you having a silly heated argument or debating the facts of the shooting in the break room by the water cooler.

This is you,
standing in the depths of said dark history,
knee deep in cover up, scandal
and down right depravity.

It will send cold shivers up and down your spine when you find yourself standing at the streets curbed edge, looking over and realizing just how muthafucking close that grassy knoll is.

You could almost spit, and hit the fence from where you were standing.


Once you settle down and let it all begin to sink in, again, walk up and around behind the knoll, wall and fence, and stand in the footprints that were put there more than 50 years ago by the person, who shot and killed
John F. Kennedy, our President!

Wooden fence behind grassy knoll where kill shot came from

Tommy Mondello at grassy knoll standing where killer stood Dealey Plaza 1994
There's the wooden fence up above the knoll.
Don't know if any of the slats were the original
ones or not, but certainly something there has to be an original piece!
That's me actually standing where the fucking
piece of shit killer stood taking aim.
I'm actually standing in history!!
I'm getting cold chills just looking at this!
If you stood where I am right now in that picture, you too, will see
just how close the street was, thus, how close the car was!
It was the perfect spot to shoot from!

You can actually stand there, behind that wooden fence and visualize exactly what the gunman saw. A devastating sight to say the least.

Your mind will be made up right at that very moment, when you realize that this, truly was the spot that at least one of the killers stood.

And like I said, I'm no expert, don't know shit 'bout weaponry or killing, but your gut will tell you, as mine did, that this was ground zero
on that dreadful day.

That asshole Oswald may have takin' shots from up above. And may have even hit the president from that perch...

Book Depository building Dealey Plaza Dallas Texas Oswald's perch
This is pretty much what Oswald saw when looking out that window.
And unbelievably, there was a vehicle turning
into the kill zone just as I took the photo.
You tell me... what would have been the easier shot??
Was there really only one person, in that building who shot the president??
Or were others involved?????
I only wish you could stand at that knoll fence and see what I saw!!

... but in my mind the kill shot most definitely came from the grassy knoll. And the proof behind my logic, for me anyways, came when I viewed the Abraham Zapruder film.

Where Abraham Zapruder was standing when he filmed the JFK assassination in 1963
Abraham Zapruder and his wife were standing on that ledge
at the beginning of the wall when he filmed the president being shot.
They were only feet away from the knoll fence!

I believe that if the kill shot came from behind, from the book depository building, that Mrs. Kennedy would have been hit as well.
With something!

Either bullet fragments or a lot more of the presidents flesh, since at the time of the fatal shot, she was leaning in towards JFK as he was grasping his neck after he'd been hit the first time. A perfect angle and in line
with the sixth floor window.

And this is where the now famous line of
"back and to the left" comes into play.

If the fatal shot hit him from the rear,
then why...
did the presidents head move...
And not forward?!

Something to think about right?
Click the link and watch for yourselves!

You'll also be amazed at how close the cars pass by at street level from behind the fence. A slingshot could've done the trick from this distance for goodness sake.

The emotional roller coaster of viewing, and being a part of such a dark moment will resonate with you for the rest of your lives, it just will.

It still does with me.

I remember that walk into history like it was yesterday. Especially standing there behind that fence. To me, I'm betting even a novice marksman could have pulled this off from there, let alone an experienced killing machine.

So, philosophy, perhaps not so much.

A common sense gut feeling,
absolutely, you bet.

And regardless of what you may think about Oliver Stone's classic JFK movie, how everyone calls him a conspiracy theorist and all, when you stand within that so called conspiracy theory for yourself, you too will fall right into
the ranks of the believers.

And feel in your heart of hearts that Lee Harvey Oswald was not, the only one involved.


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