Thursday, November 13, 2014

Meat Loaf & 1977... Bat Out Of Hell... Song of the Moment

Song of the Moment

(((( 1977 ))))

I was a sophomore in Port Richmond 
high school in Staten Island, New York.
And just like every other 16 year old kid...
be it guy or girl...
I reveled in the music of my time!

I heard this song yesterday and it still...
kicked my muthafucking ass!
So it most certainly deserves the spotlight...
one more time.

(Meat Loaf 1977)

Meatloaf Bat Out Of Hell 1977

Here are a few of the other albums
that meant SO much to me
that year.
There were many others,
but these were definitely
apart of the backbone
to my rocking out in 1977!

What were YOU listening to???

(Aerosmith 1977)

Aerosmith Draw The Line 1977

(Pink Floyd 1977)

Pink Floyd Animals 1977)

(Billy Joel 1977)

Billy Joel The Stranger 1977

(Ted Nugent 1977)

Ted Nugent Cat Scratch Fever 1977

(Rush 1977)

Rush A Farewell To Kings 1977

(Jethro Tull 1977)

Jethro Tull Songs From The Wood 1977

(Styx 1977)

The Grand Illusion Styx 1977

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