Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Canned tuna... Did You Know???

Did you know...

... that there is soy and other additives
in your can of tuna?

That it's NOT just...
tuna in water
tuna in oil
like I always thought it to be!

Hey, I know it's not the end of the world...
but, for someone who is allergic,
or just doesn't want any of that crap
in their bodies...
it IS a pretty big deal!!

These fucking corporate scumbags are
adding soy... also labeled as "vegetable broth" (that contains soy products and very often MSG (monosodium glutamate))... and other additives such as something called Hydrolyed Casin
or Prophosphate.

And do you know why...
this bullshit is being added??

It causes the tuna to absorb way more liquid than it would without the additives.
So... as the product inflates in size
they don't have to put as much into
each individual can. So... you're paying
more and more for the product, and actually receiving less and less of the actual tuna. Corporate America can kiss my dick!
You greedy fucks you!!

And of course we all see how small the actual can sizes have become right!? Ridiculous!

You can find cans of tuna with just tuna, water and salt... I found one. I believe it was Chicken of the Sea yellow albacore. But it did cost me almost $3.00 per can. I also saw one other can, same small size, with no additives, and that can was well over... $3.00 per can!

I recently found another great can of tuna!
It cost nearly $5.00 but it is a 12oz can. Much larger than the usual tiny cans.
From a company called
Open Nature
You can really see AND taste the difference.
Not much water in the can and solid tuna. 
Unlike the major brand's with their
mushy tuna and tons of water.
The ingredients read...
Albacore tuna
Albertson's Open Nature tuna
Albertson's Open Nature tuna
Albertson's Open Nature tuna

I guess we're going to have to pay big bucks
for a simple can of tuna that doesn't...
contain these unwanted additives!
Although I was told by someone that
the tuna that comes in the plastic bags
do not... do not...
have the additives included.
I'll have to check that out.

Like I said...
it's not the end of the world...
but it's enough to make me change
my eating habits!
And I thought that you might want to
know about it as well!

Sorry Charlie!

StarKist logo Charlie the Tuna

This is a blurb from the
Philadelphia Inquirer.
But I also read about this additive bullshit
in many other articles from
different organizations!

Most inexpensive canned tuna contains two ingredients that turn the fish into sponges so it absorbs more water that drains right out: soy (often listed as vegetable broth containing soy) and sodium pyrophosphate. You may be paying less money, but what you're getting is less tuna and more additives.

Three companies, Starkist, Bumble Bee, and Chicken of the Sea, represent more than 80% of America's canned tuna, but most of their products contain additives, something easily checked in the can's list of ingredients.

Here are just a few examples...

canned tuna ingredients

canned tuna ingredients

canned tuna ingredients

canned tuna ingredients

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