Thursday, July 1, 2021

The Doors... Summer's Almost Gone... A Perfect Lyric

A Perfect Lyric

I recently purchased and received an

amazing collection of mostly unpublished

writings by the man himself...

Jim Morrison!

His family came forward with many

notebooks that Jim had used over the years...

for poetry... lyrics...

and general ramblings.

It's a must have for ANY Doors fan for sure!

The collected works of Jim Morrison


it got me to break out my Doors cd's...

and then I suddenly popped in

Waiting For The Sun

Waiting For The Sun... by THE DOORS

and as I was singing a song...

that I've probably sung 689 times

in my silly life...

I was just transformed

to another place and time.

It just made me feel like I was

a kid again listening to this album

for the very first time.

So fuckin' cool!

Absolutely love the entire album,

and while "Love Street"

is my favorite of the album...

this song... was the one...

to capture ALL of my attention...

Summer's Almost Gone

It's certainly one of their

lesser known songs... but when you sing,

and let that lyric sink into your brain...

wow... it's simply perfection!

It just rolls right off of your tongue.

It's so visual!

Morrison will always live with my friend

and me within the trip we took

to Paris France to drink with our

rock 'n roll hero.

May 4th, 1983

the day Billy & myself

partied with Jim Morrison!

Summer's Almost Gone

Summer's almost gone

Summer's almost gone

Almost gone

Yeah... it's almost gone

Where will we be

When the summer's gone

Morning found us calmly unaware

Noon burned gold into our hair

At night we swam the laughin' sea

When summer's gone

Where will we be

Where will we be

Where will we be

Summer's almost gone

Where will we be

Summer's almost gone

Summer's almost gone

We had some good times

But they're gone

The winter's coming on

Summer's almost gone

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