Sunday, July 19, 2015

ManCrates.Com... the most original gift he'll EVER receive!

Came upon this site a few days ago
and thought you guys might
think that it was as neat as I did!

We all have people in our lives that are
so very difficult to buy a gift for right!?
Either they have everything, or,
they don't want anything... LoL

So if you've ever searched endlessly
even scoured the globe
for that incredibly unique
one-of-a-kind gift
for that very special and deserving person...

... well look no further my friends
you have just stumbled upon
the most secretive
the most treasured
and by far most desired forbidden fruit
silently hanging low
from the branches of your guys'
rarely plucked... or even talked about
tree of dreams...

... and yes, that would be of course
the items that live within his WISH LIST!!!

That's right!
The seldom mentioned, but dearly missed
guilty pleasures
of your best guys' wish list!

Just when you thought he could never be surprised again... BANG...
comes to the rescue!!

The crate that caught my eye
and brought me to the site was the

I had a great big laugh and then a ton
of amazing memories came rushing
out of my bank as I read over the page.

I'm sure we all have items that we'd love to find when we crack open that crate.
I'm wondering what you guys
would have inside???

Well I got to thinking about what my own personal crate would contain.
And here's just a few things that would leap out
once I cracked that bad boy open.
Let's see if anything ruffles your feathers!!

First 'n foremost...
I must have a Time Machine!
(they'll just have to figure out a way to squeeze it inside that crate!)
So I can bring my family & friends
back to a time when the only worry
we ever had was... what they were serving for school hot-lunch
that day... LoL
I promise...
that we'll be right back!!  :)
My Time Machine!! I feel younger already... LoL Love those Big Bang knuckleheads!!

Nerf Basketball
Nerf Basketball... my brother's and I played this forever!!! Then used the ball for a hundred other made-up sports... LoL

Silly Putty
Silly Putty... what kid didn't press this down upon the Sunday funny papers???

Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels... we used to race for hours and days... the cars were so awesome!

Lincoln Logs
Erector Set
Tinker Toy
Lincoln Logs... I never stopped playing with these things!
The Erector Set... made SO many things with this set!!
Tinker Toy... endless hours of building... STUFF!!!!  LoL

Candy Buttons
Candy Buttons... you ate as much paper as you did candy... LoL  Loved these things!!

Baseball Cards & that horrible gum!
Buying packs of baseball cards was always so much fun! And that "hard as rock" gum that came with it was the best... LoL

Albums / Record & 8Track Player
(Nickle for atop the needle included!)
We had a pretty decent size album collection my brother's and I... I can hear the scratches and skips from here... LoL
We all had one of these all-in-1 beauties!!! Our gateway to rock-n-roll!

Metal Sports Spikes
The old school metal spikes we all wore. Remember them like it was yesterday! We thought we were SO cool... LoL And no, they didn't make me play better... LoL

Parcheesi board game
Parcheesi box from way back when I was a kid. We loved this game!

And a few essential VHF Movies...

The Adventures Of Robin Hood (The Original w/Errol Flynn)

And of course there could be SO much more stuffed in my crate, but these were the ones that came to mind as I was writing!

Well, anything here work for you??

Let me know what your crate would hold!!!

Go check out the site...
I'm sure there's something
that will catch your eye.
And since it's a new company
they will be adding more crates
as time goes by!!

Here's a great addition to any crate...
... from Brendon Doherty.
I bet everyone of you out there
has had one of these awesome things!
Like you could reach out and touch the scene!

The Red 3D View Master!!
Red 3D View Master

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