Saturday, April 25, 2015

What the fuck... dude!!??

This one could also be entitled...

"Something you should never do!!"

... and be listed as a
Public Service Announcement... LoL

And what is that thing you should'nt do??
That would be walk up on someone from behind without giving them some sort of warning...
that's what!!!

Sounds so innocent and really,
such an unimportant factoid right??

Well, I found out that it wasn't so innocent...
or unimportant!!

I usually do give some sort of signal that I'm coming up from behind, whether walking, running, or even when I'm on my bike. But this one time, for some reason I just didn't... and...
it almost cost me my fuckin' life!

I was working in Manhattan at the time. I'd usually drive the company car into the city and park towards the water on either side of the island and then walk inwards. It was just easier than dealing with the traffic.

Well this particular day began like most. I parked the car on the west side of town on my way to a service call somewhere within the theater district.

So I grabbed some test equipment, spare parts, and my tool bag and began walking.

I'd say I was carrying close to 50 pounds of "stuff". Both hands were full and I had spare parts under both arms.

Well as I was walking, with my mind completely immersed within the service call I was heading to, I came upon 3 guys in front of me moving at a slow pace. And of course they were strolling
side by side, blocking my way.

Well, as I got about 4 or 5 feet away from them, the guy in the middle suddenly stopped, and in one motion turned and lifted his arm, and pointed a fucking gun right at my face!

Mutha of fuck I shit you not!!

I was about a foot and a half away from the barrel when I finally came to a stop. It was close enough to see the bullets in the revolver chambers!

That's pretty much what I saw... LoL... holy shit!!

The only thing I could say in my stunned state was...

"What the fuck... dude!!??"

The asshole didn't say a word. By now the other 2 knuckleheads had turned towards me as well. We stood there for about 3 or 4
never ending seconds in dead silence.

Then, in disgust, and yes okay, fear...
I just said... "fuck"...
and crossed the street to continue my journey.

I heard the 3 of them begin laughing a bit as I walked away... douche bags!

Obviously these dickheads were no
stranger's to the nefarious goings on
out here in the big city.

So hearing my
simpleton, goober-like, completely unaware
of the harsh realities of life footsteps
from behind triggered his street survival
instinct to point and... almost... shoot! 

It didn't hit me until a few blocks away just how close I came to being fuckin' killed! Good thing I had my hands full and wasn't a threat! If my hands were free that a-hole just might have
shot me!

So... the moral to the story here is...

... never ever walk up on ANYBODY!!!
Always give them some sort of signal
from maybe 20 feet away.

This has been a Public Service Announcement from your friendly
neighborhood knucklehead...
now back to our regularly scheduled programming... LoL

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