Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Denise Attilio... A person you love remembering!

Denise Attilio...
Does anyone remember her??

You bet'chor ass they do!

She came into this world on
July 23rd, 1959
and now...

Denise Attilio... those eyes will forever pull me into her... no wonder I almost fell off my chair first time I saw her!!
Denise Attilio

... I can't believe it's been
over 30 years since her body
finally gave out, and
Denise Suzanne Eileen Attilio
left us.

November 17th, 1982.

Denise Attilio leaves us at 23... Staten Island Advance article November 18, 1982
Denise Attilio leaves us at 23... Staten Island Advance article November 18, 1982

Now we ALL finally know the reason behind our unexplained sudden sadness on that day each and every year since.

She wasn't supposed to live
beyond 10 years old,
but she fought, and gave us all
23 years of wonderful memories!
Can't you just see her right there standing in front of you
at this very moment??
Makes you smile
from ear to ear doesn't it?!

Denise Attilio... cutest kid ever!

I just wanted to say hello to her
through this quick post.
I'm sure she wouldn't mind a hello
from you guys as well!!

I don't wanna get too personal with any details about her here. At first I wanted to, but now, I think I'll allow this simple post to be for just the people who knew her. And... who may feel a sense of warmth in just remembering her,
if only for a moment or so.

Will just pass along a few of her many many likes and achievements.

One of her favorite songs was
"You Light Up My Life".

She loved KC and the Sunshine Band
& Rick Springfield.
(Oh Dee how could you LoL)

Another one of her favorite songs
was sung by Eric Carmen
"All By Myself"
She won this album from a radio
station and played it endlessly!

She was in 2 Miss Staten Island Pageants and won Miss Congeniality in 1979!

Denise Attilio in Miss Staten Island beauty pageant

In fact, the Miss Congeniality
award is given out
In Memory of Denise
each year to the winner with Dee's sister Gail and brother Bobby's blessings
along with $300.00.

Miss Congeniality award Miss Staten Island in memory of Denise Attilio

Also, if you ever visit the Carousel in Willowbrook Park go check out
the Honey bear. It's in Memory of Dee. There's a plaque remembering her!

Denise Attilio's mom with Honey Bunch the honey bear at Willowbrook Park Carousel
Dee's mom with Honey Bunch the honey bear at the Carousel
in Willowbrook Park, Staten Island, New York.

If you would like to share any fun, happy memories or thoughts of Denise no matter how significant you think they are or not, don't be shy. Just know that they are ALL welcome! You can add them at the bottom of this post in the comment section.
Thank you ahead of time
for sharing!!

I wrote those 2 poems below in the years following her passing back in 1982. They're not really good at all as far as poem writing goes. But I remember I cried tears of salt each time
I put pen to paper.

It was pure emotional release for me, and I just left them as they were when I was done. I didn't polish them up... nothing was done. And somehow, to this very day, I read these things and feel that raw emotional hurt I was feeling all those years ago, and I tear up
like a big fucking baby.

I mean it's kinda silly really.
We weren't best pals or anything.
In fact we only went on one date.
I don't even think I kissed her :(
I remember I couldn't
find her house either...
I was SO nervous... LoL
What a spaz!
Because she was so beautiful!

The very first time I ever saw her was when she was working as a waitress at Perkin's Restaurant on Forest Ave by the highway in Staten Island, New York. Had to be late 1970's... early 80's.

Denise Attilio's name tag from when she worked at Perkins Restaurant

Such a bounce in her step. A smile that lifted the entire room with cheeks that glowed. And eyes... those wonderful glistening dark marble-like miracles made you fall in love with her instantly!!

Denise Attilio while attending the Barbizon school for modeling

There was such an innocence that surrounded her. And it always makes me mad that I didn't become a bigger part of her life in some way,
if even just as friends.

And this really is such a small world. I have a friend Yaz, was from Van Name Ave in Mariners Harbor, who is a musician, and one day I was talking about Denise. Well he said that he knew her as well, and that the band that he was playing in at the time performed at a benefit concert to help raise money
for some of Dee's treatments.

That was even before Yaz and I were friends. I was blown away when he told me that. Such a small small world huh?
He's a great guy, and he's still performing to this day.

Denise Attilio fundraiser flyer

Denise Attilio fundraiser flyer
Here is the flyer for the weekend fundraiser show.

Besides family & friends helping out,
the Red Cross and Children's Liver
Foundation stepped up and gave much needed support to the family.

Also, former Staten Island
Boro President, Guy Molinari,
was somehow touched by Denise's
story and fought vigorously to have
Medicaid finally give approval
for liver transplants!
He said that getting that approval passed,
because of Denise,
was one of his biggest
accomplishments while in office!

With Guy Molinari's help... Denise had a chance!

So even well beyond her years here
on this earth,
her impact,
her being,
her will to live,
is now helping others!!

A bit over-dramatic... maybe!
But you try telling my heart that
at this very moment!

Guy Molinari's life story has been put to print and is available through as of October 2016. There is an entire chapter about Denise and the fight to have liver transplants approved by Medicaid included!
Guy Molinari's life story has been put to print
and is available through
as of October 2016.
There is an entire chapter about Denise
and the fight to have liver transplants
approved by Medicaid included!

One thing that will always bring me down is that I had sent a letter to Dee while I was away in the navy, but wrote down the wrong address on the envelope and it was sent back to me. (I still couldn't find the fuckin' house!!) Then before I had a chance to resend it, I got word that she had taken a turn for the worse,
and passed at the tender age of 23.
Nothing to say, but that sucked!!

There isn't enough cold shivers in the world to match how I feel when I look

at and think about that letter.

That's the letter there.
My return address was on the back.

Tommy Mondello letter sent to Denise Attilio was sent back 1982 (front)
Tommy Mondello letter sent to Denise Attilio was sent back 1982 (back)
One day when I was in the right emotional state I opened it up
and read what I had sent. I wish she would have received it!  : (

Denise Attilio house at 220 Fairview Ave Staten Island NY
That's Dee's house... the one I couldn't find... TWICE!!
Look how big the address number is... 220

Denise also gets help from president Ronald Reagan!!

Denise also gets help from president Ronald Reagan!!

One day a few years back, 2008 I believe, Denise would have turned 49. And I decided to finally try and locate her and wish her a happy birthday. I was determined to find her!

During my search, a very special person found my bucket list posting online
and contacted me through
one of my websites.
And that was Dee's sister... Gail!

Denise's awesome baby sister Gail

She gave me the information I was hoping to find, and also sent over
those pix of Denise.

It warms my heart so much to have heard from her. We don't even know one another, but it gave me some sort of closure. If that's even
ever possible to have.

But thank you Gail for every email,
and every memory you shared!!
I will never forget you!

Well I could babble on here, but I won't.
There are the 2 poems below.

Try and put yourself in my shoes as you read. Perhaps my emotional release will somehow seep into your memory bank and help you to remember your friend...
our friend... our wonderful memory!!

Denise Attilio teen years

I miss her to this very day!
Even though she was but a tiny spec of time within my lifeline, she will forever have a lasting effect on me. And I mean that in a positive and uplifting way!
And I know you feel the very same way!!

Cheers Denise...
Don't think for a second that you've been forgotten, or aren't truly loved!

Denise Attilio

An awesome thing just happened!
Just as I was finishing up
on Dee's post...
Lynyrd Skynyrd's haunting perfection, Freebird, began playing on the radio,
and every memory I've ever held
of her, and that time frame of my life,
came rushing to the surface and has reminded me just how strong a memory can be. How much one person who enters your life, even for a split second,
can bring such joy!!

My eye's will forever be watered
with joy...
whenever I think of you Denise!

"If I leave here tomorrow...
would you still remember me???" LS

Denise Attilio... still the cutest kid ever!

New Life… Goodbye Denise

On a silver cloud… she’s gliding around
Looking down upon us all
 I can’t understand why…

Why does it happen to people who are so good
If I’d had the chance to give you life
 Like a light in the dark… I only wished I could…

Denise my friend… I’m sorry my dear
Please forgive my speech and forgive my building tear…

You’ve suffered pain… and you fought back hard
And God… he never left you
He put out his hand… and you latched on
Now all of your days are soft
 And your life is brand new…

I’m quivering… shaking… and even a bit scared
How come he takes people like you… it makes no sense
 What was he thinking… how could he dare…

Denise… you didn’t have time to fulfill all of your dreams
But you’ve created so many a smile
Soft sincere… bright sunshine
You were born with a beautiful style…

I’ll never forget your face… round rosey cheeks
With eyes that could take your breath away
Memories of a girl who was so alive and always real
That’s what you were Denise
 And that’s something that no one can ever steal…

I’m proud to have known such a person
Your life was not lived in vain
Even though it was short… you were always giving
And soothing others’ pain…

God… Please take care of her… Please keep her warm…
Thank you God…

New Life... Goodbye Denise

Denise at 16 months of age Look at those cheeks already!! Love them!

Beautiful Memory

My Denise… here I am again
It’s been too long since I’ve talked to you
Like dreams come true now and then
Your lingering feel still shines on and on and on
 You’ll be forever in my mind
  Perfect reception on channel two…

Again summer arrives without your eye’s seeing this sun
But it comes to no surprise… that...
Somehow it’s missing something fresh… something clean
Something beautiful… and it’s you that I mean…

Forgive me for not being able to accept the real
I know you’re happy and settled in
 But I still can’t get over the way I feel…

I sent you a letter when you became sick
But it got sent back… never did make it to you
By the time I was ready to try again
The candle was there without a wick
 And you were gone to heavens blue…

Everyone sends their love I know
Even if you don’t hear from them… they do…

The very first time I saw you
I fell right off my chair
I was helpless in a trance of you
I could do nothing but stare…

Thank you for being you
Bless your beautiful soul… and all you do…

One day Denise… I will catch up with you
And have we got a lot to talk about

Goodnight beautiful woman
I’m glad we can still talk… I miss you…

Beautiful Memory...

Gail Denise Bobby Attilio... pretty neat huh!!
Gail... Denise... and Bobby Attilio